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Link Stew


I’m exhausted from a summer solstice party yesterday that turned into a surprise wedding! So, instead of actual content, please enjoy this selection of links:

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On Tuesday I had my conversation with the second agent. It was a much quicker call than the one with the first agent. The second agent gave me a few revision suggestions (far fewer than the first one), then told me a little bit about herself and her agency. I explained to her that I was doing revisions for another agent and asked if she wanted me to send her the new version when I was done with it.

She said she would love to take a look at it, but her offer of rep would still stand!!!

I have an official offer of representation from an agent!

I’m going to finish my revisions for agent #1 and see what she says before making my decision. However, no matter how this plays out, I’m going to have an agent!

When No Means Maybe


Persistence really does pay off. I found that out first hand this week.

After emailing back and forth with the agent who rejected my revisions, she asked for a phone conversation to talk about further revisions. We spent an hour and a half talking on Monday afternoon. She offered me a LOT of very detailed crits about what she did and didn’t like. After thinking about them for a bit, I agree with most of them.

I’m going to spend some time doing these revisions for her and then she wants to give it a third read-through. A THIRD read-through!!! So many writers don’t even get a first read-through and here I am getting THREE! From an agent with one of THE top agencies.

Hear that, subconscious? If an agent of that caliber likes the novel, then you are not allowed to bad-mouth it any longer!

Also, I have another agent who is nearly done reading the full and wants to talk and offer suggestions.


Rejected Again


The agent decided to pass on my book. She doesn’t think I took her revision suggestions far enough and she still doesn’t connect with the main character. She said the story is adequate, but not good enough to compete in today’s market and, based on my past revisions, she doesn’t think I’m up for the amount of rewriting required to make it better. She’s the second agent to tell me that my book just isn’t up to competing in today’s market, yet all of my beta’s have pretty much loved it. 

I am so discouraged right now and have no idea what to do. Should I have another person read it and tear it apart for me? Should I keep querying with what I’ve got and *hope* somebody will love it as much as I do? Should I just give up and start something new? 

Magic Bleeds – Ilona Andrews


I’ve been an Ilona fan since the very first book, Magic Bites. Ilona (comprised of the writing duo Ilona and Gordon Andrews) has the ability to create very real, very colorful characters and infuse them with life.

Magic Bleeds is book four in the series and just as fabulous as the first three. The storyline built up in the first three books moves along quite nicely here. We find out more about Kate’s past, more about her family, and more about the mythology of the world.

Aside from a few editing nit-picks (there are a few places where it shifts into present tense) and a nowhere near long enough Kate and Curran scene, there is nothing about this book I didn’t like.

Kate grows as a person, she accepts things for what they are and forges ahead with what she wants anyway. Her relationship with Curran and the Pack is taken to a whole other level. And her job within the Order changes as well. As with the rest of the series, nobody gets a free pass. People die, relationships are broken, trust is shattered.

The snippets from book five that have been posted on the blog are enough to make me salivate for the next one. I guess I’ll just have to be content with Bayou Moon, book two in her Edge series, which comes out later this year.

Poem ~ Mother

Golden luminous light
Trickling down
Into my soul
Into my Self
You scream into being
Back arched and fingers splayed
Soul of my Self
Wrapping me in translucent power
Give of your Self
That which is infinite
Take it and string it
Like pearls
Around the necks of
Your children
Your lovers
Your Self



My life has finally returned to some semblance of normalcy. After a couple of days de-stressing and getting some much needed sleep, I should be ready and raring to go again.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the agent who requested revisions. She said she’d get back to me in two weeks and it’s now been almost four. I’m going to give her until Sunday and then give her a gentle nudge on Monday.