When No Means Maybe


Persistence really does pay off. I found that out first hand this week.

After emailing back and forth with the agent who rejected my revisions, she asked for a phone conversation to talk about further revisions. We spent an hour and a half talking on Monday afternoon. She offered me a LOT of very detailed crits about what she did and didn’t like. After thinking about them for a bit, I agree with most of them.

I’m going to spend some time doing these revisions for her and then she wants to give it a third read-through. A THIRD read-through!!! So many writers don’t even get a first read-through and here I am getting THREE! From an agent with one of THE top agencies.

Hear that, subconscious? If an agent of that caliber likes the novel, then you are not allowed to bad-mouth it any longer!

Also, I have another agent who is nearly done reading the full and wants to talk and offer suggestions.


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About Ana Ramsey

Ana Ramsey* is a crazy cat lady-cum-author repped by the fabulous Cameron McClure of the Donald Maass Literary Agency. When she's not wrangling her three rebel cats or working in the garden, she can usually be found lurking on Twitter (@anaquana) or gallivanting around the world from the comfort of her chair. *Name changed to protect the guilty

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