I know I’ve been quiet lately, but that’s because I’m so busy and stressed out right now I can barely think. My husband and I are buying a new house and that is taking up most of my time and energy. On the advice of one of the agents, I have set the book aside and am not thinking about it at all for a month. In the meantime, I am busy working on a few fun projects, several of which will never see the light of day because they are simply for my own personal amusement.

I should have some good news to share shortly, but until then, there’s not much to say. 


About Ana Ramsey

Ana Ramsey* is a crazy cat lady-cum-author. When she's not wrangling her three rebel cats or working in the garden, she can usually be found lurking on Twitter (@anaquana) or gallivanting around the world from the comfort of her chair. *Name changed to protect the guilty

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