Spring Is Here!


I’ve been tracking an interesting peculiarity about myself for the last several years — my creativity is tied to the cycle of the seasons. All Winter my brain feels like it’s full of cotton. The words are there, but they’re muffled, distant, not within my grasp. And my yearning to write is diminished as well. I’m easily distracted, irritated with the entire process, and too easily discouraged.

Now that the warmth is returning, the flowers are starting to grow, and the snow is gone I’m getting back into the swing of things. I *want* to write. I have ideas bubbling up through the mud and demanding my attention. I can concentrate again.

I wonder if my Muse is affected by SAD… It’s definitely something I should look into for next Winter.

About Ana Ramsey

Ana Ramsey* is a crazy cat lady-cum-author. When she's not wrangling her three rebel cats or working in the garden, she can usually be found lurking on Twitter (@anaquana) or gallivanting around the world from the comfort of her chair. *Name changed to protect the guilty

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  1. Hi! I got here from AW 🙂 Nice blog! I'll be following.By the way, I have a nice Spring picture in my blog, if you want to check out; and it's curious, I believe Spring has the same effect on me… I've been bubbling ideas!

  2. Hi, EEV, and welcome! I don't update here nearly as often as I should, but you're welcome to stick around for those rare occasions I do. 🙂