Manic Monday


This weekend I realized that the book I had planned as Book #2 in my series is actually Book #3. Lucky for me, I also figured out the plot of the new Book #2. Now to just let the plot bubble away in the cauldron of my brain for a bit.

My friend K.B. Wagers asked me to write a guest blog for Black Ink, White Paper. After looking over the interview questions she sent, I opted to go for a regular blog post instead of just answering questions. So look for that on the Black Ink, White Paper blog this coming Friday, July 15th!

I was lamenting on Facebook today how woefully neglected this blog is and K.B. subtly made the suggestion that I pick one day a week and make a habit of posting on that day. So, I’m going to take her up on that challenge and do my very best to post something every Monday. And if I don’t have a new post on Mondays, I give you all permission to threaten me with spiders. 😀


About Ana Ramsey

Ana Ramsey* is a crazy cat lady-cum-author. When she's not wrangling her three rebel cats or working in the garden, she can usually be found lurking on Twitter (@anaquana) or gallivanting around the world from the comfort of her chair. *Name changed to protect the guilty

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