Vegas, Baby!


I spent a full week basking in the 100+ degree heat of Las Vegas. Some dear friends decided they wanted to renew their wedding vows in Vegas in front of Elvis so we planned a group trip out. More than a dozen of us from all across the country (and even one from Australia) descended on The Tropicana for a week of fun and relaxation. It was wonderful. We left the laptop at home and were pretty much incommunicado for an entire week… except for the one morning when when of hubby’s employees called the cell phone at 8am Vegas time with a question for hubby instead of asking the big boss. That phone call did not go over well.

The tri-couple wedding vow renewal was so much fun. I highly recommend The Graceland Wedding Chapel for anyone who wants to get married by Elvis. Their Elvis was fun and funny (even if he did mistake us all for a group of swingers) and the video and photographs of the ceremony were gorgeous.

My husband and me at the wedding chapel (no we weren’t one of the couples to renew our vows).

The pool area at The Tropicana. This is where we spent most mornings lounging about.

Other than the wedding, we didn’t have a whole lot planned. It was just about hanging out with friends we don’t see very often and being able to relax. There was quite a bit of walking The Strip with people and spotting the wonderful street performers. Especially Miss Cotton Candy:

Most people flew home on Sunday, but hubby and I stayed until Tuesday morning. We didn’t get home until after midnight Wednesday morning. 

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