Things to do while waiting for my agent to email


I’m still waiting to hear back from Cameron on my revisions. For the first few weeks I was able to wait patiently because I had both the trip to Vegas and the trip to my aunt’s house to look forward to. Now that both of those are over with, I’m starting to get a bit antsy and am looking for things to distract me so I don’t go completely insane.

1. Work on new material. This one’s a given – you should always be working on something whether it’s writing a new piece or tinkering with an old one. Right now I’m working on book 2 of the series, When Demons Cry.

2. Garden. It’s getting to be time for end of summer maintenance work on my gardens. There are dead and dying plants to be cut back, weeds to be pulled, and areas that need tilling.

3. Work on the house. My office still isn’t done. The floor in the front entranceway needs to be sanded, buffed, waxed, coated with polyurethane, and whatever else goes into refurbishing a hardwood floor. We need to get a plumber in to take out some extraneous pipes and fixtures (but I think that’s going to be  hubby’s project since I got the contractor for the roof and windows).

4. Clean the house. With all of the running around we’ve been doing, the housework has been woefully neglected. From piles of clean laundry to be put away to tumbleweeds of cat hair skittering across the floor, my house is a disaster.


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  1. Don’t forget reading! I’m in an identical position, and I’m using part of my “nervous energy” to greedily consume entire series-es that I haven’t had time to read before, or which merit re-reading: Harry Potter, Sookie Stackhouse and Harry Dresden have become my “waiting” companions.

    • Yes! I did forget to add in reading. Thanks for the reminder, Jess. I’m currently giving both Seanan McGuire’s Rosemary and Rue and Lucy A. Snyder’s Spellbent a second shot. I couldn’t get into either one of them the first time I tried reading them, but I seem to be enjoying them a bit more this go-round.

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