Manic Monday


I survived Hurricane Irene. Actually, that’s not accurate at all. Hurricane Irene barely even showed her pimply face around here. The worst we got was some heavy winds late last night, several hours after Irene had passed.

My heart goes out to everyone adversely affected by Irene. Unlike the earthquake from earlier last week (Which I didn’t feel even though everybody else did. I wonder if Mother Nature is ignoring me?), lives were lost and billions of dollars worth of damaged was caused. Clean-up is going to be hellish in many areas and I urge everyone to donate or volunteer if you can.

My hometown had areas of severe flooding and evacuations, but thankfully where my parents live was not affected. Although, I called my mom to let her know they were more than welcome to spend the night here if need be.

Today, I woke up to a story idea pounding insistently at the back of my skull. It was so insistent, it wouldn’t let me even think about When Demons Cry until I’d given in to it’s demands and started writing it. I wrote 2100 words in about an hour on it. I think I’ll take some more time later tonight and work on it some more because it’s fun and dark and it has ZOMBIES! I don’t want to say too much more because I always seem to jinx myself when I do that.


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