Why I’m Going the “Traditional” Way


There’s a war going on in the publishing industry. Both sides think their way is the One True Way and they’re willing to stop at nothing to make sure everybody knows this. They’re blinded by their fanaticism and need to prove themselves. Prove themselves to whom, I’m not sure.

The combatants are the fanatical adherents to the “traditional” publishing method and those who steadfastly believe that self/indie publishing is the ONLY way to go.

Those of us stuck in the middle, we just want to tell a good story and have people read and hopefully enjoy that story whatever format we end up going with. We don’t want to be constantly lambasted by one side or the other about why the other side is evil and doomed to failure. Or why their side is the One True Way to Success!™

I chose to go with “traditional” publishing for many reasons. I can rely on my agent to find me the best publisher for my novel. I won’t have to pay out of pocket expenses for editors/copyeditors/cover design. I don’t have to waste precious writing time designing my covers or formatting the book.

I know that I will have to spend at least a bit of time marketing my books, but that amount of time will be a lot less than what it would be if I were going this alone.

Not only that, but there’s the potential to reach a wider market.

It seems like indie/self publishing is all about e-books rather than dead tree books. I refuse to publish my books as just e-books. I want actual dead tree books that I can hold in my hands. Why? Because I don’t read e-books. I personally don’t like the experience. Yes, POD services are available, but I believe that, at this point in time, they are cost-prohibitive. I very rarely spend more than $10 on a book and only then on hardcover editions of books I adore or reference books. And I know a LOT of people who feel the exact same way. Either they can’t afford to buy an expensive e-reader or they just prefer paper books. Why would I want to cut them out of my fanbase?

With “traditional” publishing, I’ll be able to offer both dead tree books AND e-books to my readers.

What the fanatics on both sides of this war don’t realize is that they’re both right. Their way of choosing to publish *is* the One True Way to Success!™ For them. It may not be the way to success for somebody else though.


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  1. I’m actually doing both, and I see both the pros and cons with each method. I’m going to be self-pubbing a novel next year (that new project I mentioned) while shopping Pirouette to agents. That way, I’ve got my hands in both. I *do* prefer traditional publishing but I’m also curious as to how successful I could be at self-pubbing. 😉

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