And the winner is….


It was a fierce battle between three beautiful women. Each brought their own special skills to the fight: JKP, the dark-haired demon summoner; Erin Kendall, the deadly vampire; and BW, the tempestuous Valkyrie.

They met on the field of battle to settle the dispute over who was the rightful owner of the Sacred Books of Thurman. None of the three held any personal grievances towards the others, but the books were too valuable to allow just anybody to own them.

JKP launched the initial attack, summoning her pet demon, Ludmila. Ludmila was eight feet of scaly lime green muscle housed in skin-tight purple leather with curling black horns jutting out of her platinum blonde hair and a mouth full of fangs.

BW and Erin stopped in their tracks at the sight of Ludmila. Whether because they were intimidated by her size and fangs or simply because they were blinded by her outfit isn’t known.

What is known is that their hesitation did not last. With a wild battle-cry, BW leapt forward, her great sword raised high above her head. Erin streaked in low and silent, her speed making her nearly impossible to see.

The two warriors clashed with the giant demon and the battle began in earnest. Blood, sweat, and bits of flesh flew as the combatants hacked, chopped, and clawed at each other. JKP, her demon the sole focus of the other two at the moment, crept up behind Erin and attacked her from behind.

Never let it be said that a demon summoner’s only power lies in summoning demons. JKP’s strength and cunning made her the vampire’s near equal. They traded blows back and forth, neither gaining an inch on the other.

Meanwhile, BW and Ludmila were busy pounding away at each other. The ground trembled with the force of their herculean strikes. Ludmila’s scales protected her from the worst of BW’s strikes and BW was far too agile to allow Ludmila’s claws an opening.

All too soon it was over.

With one giant paw, Ludmila swatted BW’s sword away. The giant demon grabbed the Valkyrie around the neck and flung her into a tree. BW slumped to the ground unconscious.

Distracted by the impact, JKP let her attention slip for just a second. Taking advantage of that distraction, Erin swooped in and sank her fangs into JKP’s neck. JKP struggled against the vampire and Ludmila raced to save her mistress, but it was too late. Erin drained the demon summoner to the point of near death. With her mistress senseless, the spell holding Ludmila was broken and the demon returned to wherever it is that demons live.

With a cry of triumph, Erin took possession of the sacred books.


Congrats, Erin!! Let me know what format you would like the books in (dead tree or e-book) and I will get them out to you this week.

Never fear, JKP and BW, for being such good sports and fighting so well, I’m going to send you both a copy of Nightlife. Again, just let me know what format you prefer.



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  1. OMG, that was fabulous!!!!!!! I love that I was a Valkyrie. Does that mean I’d get Eric if he showed up in the story?

    Congratulations, Erin! Especially for fanging JKP; it’s probably one of her fantasies come true. LOL!!!

    And yay for a free book!!!! I’m actually scraping out time to read FUN STUFF this semester!!!

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