Day of Fail


I will not be getting in my words today because today was the Day of Fail.

Hubby and I agreed to help his dad go to Home Depot to get some stockade fence sections. The first Home Depot we tried was completely out of the fence sections he wanted, so we went to the Home Depot the next town over.

Now, the first Home Depot allows you to enter the area where they keep the fence sections and browse. The second one has that area padlocked and only employees can let you in once you’ve purchased the sections. Okay, we think, this shouldn’t be a problem. All of these types of stores have inventory tracking systems that will tell us if they have this specific type of fence in stock. Right?

Apparently not. We talked to the lady manning the register in the lumber section and she said “Of course we have that.” And she rang us up for several hundred dollars worth of stockade fencing.

Strike one against Home Depot occurred when we went to rent a truck from them to haul these sections home and they informed us that their one and only truck had just been rented and wouldn’t be returned for at least an hour. Now, the truck being rented wasn’t the issue, it was the completely dismissive attitude the man had. It was all “The truck just left and won’t be back for an hour,” as he turned back to his co-worker and continued his conversation we had apparently so rudely interrupted.

Okay, fine. We can’t rent a truck, but dad has a trailer he uses to haul around his trykes. All we need to do is ask hubby’s sister if we can borrow her SUV to tow it.

We do a will call for the materials at the Customer Service desk then leave to get the truck from sister’s house and the trailer from dad’s. Upon our return to Home Depot, after we check in at Customer Service for the will-call and after hubby maneuvers the trailer into the fencing area only then are we informed that they do not have the specific stockade fence sections that we had already paid for. And look at this, the inventory system is showing as -2. Strike two.

Strike three occurred when the two gentlemen helping us said, “Well, we don’t have the brand-new fence sections you paid for, but if you want we have some damaged sections. If you want those, we’ll throw in a few extra and you can piece them together to make sections that are almost as good as new.”

Uhh… let me think about that for just a second. No.

We paid for brand new materials, not damaged sections that looked like they’d been sitting there for several years that we would have to take apart and fit back together again ourselves. Oh, and btw, look at those SKU’s, they’re not even the same SKU’s as the ones we want. Also, just for your information, the Home Depot in the next town over is offering their damaged sections for 50% off. What you’re offering us doesn’t even come close to 50% off.

We just got home after dad so kindly offered to take us out to dinner to make up for the crappy day and I’m going to go soak in the tub to relax a bit.


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