Manic Monday


My interview with Lost in Fiction is up. Go take a look and find out how I landed my fabulous agent!

I may not have gotten any words written on Saturday, but I had a phenomenal writing session last night that ended with me writing over two thousand words. Those days don’t come around very often, so I’m beyond pleased. It also has me kissing ten thousand words total on Zombies!. This means I’m at the point of no going back. I’m committed to the story and I can’t just let it go.

This week is all about Speak Out With Your Geek Out. It’s about banishing those negative stereotypes about geeks and brushing away those lines in the sand that separate one set of fans from those in other fandoms.

My geeky love is and always has been books. I don’t care what books they are as long as they are well written and hold my interest. I love everything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings to The Dresden Files and everything in between. Give me a good book and you’ve just made me one very happy girl. If I’m not careful, I’m going to end up like this poor woman whose house is collapsing under the weight of books.

I don’t remember exactly when I started reading anything and everything, but I do remember reading Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in third grade. Then it was Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series (thank you Auntie Joanie for turning me on to them!) and the first book in the DragonLance series in fifth and sixth grade. I wouldn’t read the later DragonLance books until High School, but that first book stayed with me for years. Then it was Interview With A Vampire in seventh grade.

There’s a very good reason I’m the way I am and that’s because of the books I read during such formative years. They gave me a safe refuge to turn to when I was being bullied in eighth grade and provided me a home when I wanted to be anywhere but.

Books are why I’ve always wanted to be a writer and why I’ll do pretty much anything to be published. I want my books to affect people the same way they affected me. To give them hope and joy and contentment.


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