Saturday’s Soggy Sundries


It’s a very rainy and grey Saturday and my husband is working all weekend which makes me a very sad dragon.

1. C.E. Murphy (fabulous author of the Walker Papers series) is hosting a Kickstarter project for a story from Gary Muldoon’s perspective! If she reaches $4k by mid-November it will be a go. It just started today and she’s already more than a quarter of the way there. There are also some great extras if she reaches larger amounts. My only gripe about this is that it’s open to people who have or are willing to use their credit cards/debit cards with credit logo. I’ve been trying very hard to limit my credit card use to only emergencies and neither my husband nor I are comfortable using our debit card online. If this were open to Paypal payments, I would have already donated, but alas now I have to seriously think this over.

2. Writer friend and crit partner, K.B. Wagers, sent me the link to this fabulous duo, 2Cellos. Luka Sulic (he totally looks like Dean Winchester from Supernatural! And now I’m going to picture him every time I think about MY Luka in WDFTT) and Stjepan Hauser are classically trained cellists from Croatia playing rock and roll… on their cellos. Welcome to the Jungle, Smooth Criminal

3. The always fun Chuck Wendig has a post up about killing self-doubt before it kills you. I may not always agree with him, but he *always* makes me laugh.

4. October Weeks is on her fifth week of her A Paranormal Harvest giveaway and this week she’s giving away Afterlight and Everdark by Elle Jasper.

5. Stacia Kane articulates my feelings about display sites very well in her blog post The Lazy Reader. If I am not your beta reader or crit partner, I am not going read your unedited manuscript. I have high expectations for the books I read and I’ll go out on a limb and say I don’t think even 1% of the manuscripts up on those display sites meet them. It’s the same reason I don’t read self-published books unless I know the author is good.


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