It’s Submission Time!!


I told my friends and family on Facebook the other day and I figured it was time to let the world know my joy — I’m going out on submission!

Cameron is putting together a pitch and a list of publishers/editors to send it to including my top choices. *crosses fingers*

There’s only one small problem — she doesn’t think my title, Where Demons Fear to Tread, is strong enough or evocative enough. Since titles are the bane of both our existences it seems, I’m asking you all for help in coming up with a new title.

For those of you who haven’t read it yet, here’s a quick blurb about WDFTT:

Alex Powers is a half-demon violent crimes investigator who would gladly rip out every last bit of demonic power she has in order to be fully human. Unfortunately, an untimely visit from Death has the exact opposite effect. Part of her humanity dies just being in Death’s presence, giving her demonic half more control. Which is going to make her next case hell because Death orders her to find a soul that has been stolen. And it’s not just any soul, it’s the soul of a truly devout and holy Catholic Priest.


So… who wants to help?


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  1. First off- CONGRATS!!! Soooooo excited for you to start submitting!

    Second- bummer 😦 I thought WDFTT was the perfect title for this book. It really fit the story. Let me think for a moment, I’m sure I can come up with an idea or two 🙂

  2. Been racking my head all day for you, and all I’ve come up with is Demon Side. Not very imaginative. *rolling eyes*

    But…congrats! I’m very jealous of you right now, and you’ve worked so hard for this. You deserve to be successful.


  3. Since you’re already on the second installment, I’m assuming there will be a trilogy, or more books for your character. After reading the blurb I took words from the book description and thought since your world is centered around Alex, so should your title. Perhaps you could add a secondary title for different parts of the series.

    Demon R.i.pper popped into my head. I loved the “half-demon violent crimes investigator who would gladly rip out every last bit of demonic power she has…”
    Sounds like a kick ass character with many layers, why shouldn’t the title have that same texture of layers also? R.I.P

    Then the half part of her physical make-up also stood out. Here are some titles I played around with.


    Demon R.i.pper
    Where Demon’s Fear to Tread

    Demon R.i.pper
    When Demon’s Cry


    Demon R.i.pper
    Hell and a half

    Demon R.i.pper
    Hell to pay
    Hell & tears
    Hell of a soul
    Half past death
    Etc. etc.

    Good Luck on whatever you decide,


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