The Loonies Are Taking Over The Asylum


Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions and support! I have a great big list of possible titles to send to Cameron so we can start discussing which one fits best. You all rock!

While I was writing The Novel Formerly Known As Where Demons Fear to Tread, I made myself a vow about how the series would progress. There is one trope that is so overused and cliche that I swore I would never employ it.

Of course, almost all of my beta readers see the seeds of this trope germinating in TNFKAWDFTT and *want* it to grow and flower in later books. And you know what? Even my damned subconscious seems to be pushing me towards that end.

If I do utilize it, it will give me greater conflict later on in the series. It gives me more emotional leverage to fuck with Alex. But dammit, I do not want to go there. If I do this, then I have to do it right or else the readers will be pissed. And that’s one of the main points against doing it. I’m trying to write a series where the ass-kicking and solving the crimes are the central themes, not Alex’s love life.


*wanders off grumbling to self*


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  1. Omg! I think I know what trope you’re talking about. On the one hand, *salivates* yes please, on the other *beats you with a shoe* Aw hell no!

    So yeah…good luck.

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