Guest Post #2 — K.B. Wagers Sick and Twisted


I’ve only known K.B. for a few months now. We share several mutual friends on LiveJournal who had apparently been meaning to introduce us for a long time, but never did. I ended up introducing myself to K.B. after stalking perusing her journal for a bit. Boy am I ever glad I did that because she is everything I love my friends to be — crazy, opinionated, intelligent, funny, geeky. If you like all of those things as well, I suggest you do as I did and stalk her. She can usually be found haunting the halls of Black Ink, White Paper or LiveJournal.

I am a sick writer. I am a spiteful writer. I am an unattractive writer. I believe my liver is diseased.

*laughs* Okay, not really. (and my apologies to Fydor Dostoyevsky for stealing the opening of Notes from the Underground)

I am, however, a mean writer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my characters, but given half a chance I will destroy them. I will maim them, break them, kill their loved ones, burn down their houses, and run over their puppies. (Okay, I might be lying about the puppies.)

You’d think I write horror the number of times my characters get beaten up, shot, stabbed, killed, brought back to life, and killed again. I’ve broken bones, set characters on fire, and cut their throats. That’s all just the tip of the violence iceberg. Psychologically I’m even more sadistic. To date I’ve killed more than a handful of loved ones, made characters watch their significant other die, forced them to fall in love with their enemies, questioned their ethics, pushed their morals, and turned them into traitors.

It’s so much fun. *grins*

Before you call the authorities, I have a very good reason for this. See, I’m endlessly (some would say obsessively) fascinated with what happens to a person at rock bottom. Where do you turn when there’s nothing left for you? What do you believe in when all your faith is stripped away?

I’m less interested in the mundane, mid-level crises that people can face – lost jobs, break-ups, things like that don’t attract nearly as much interest from me as the endless plummet into a pit of despair.

The good news is that my characters recover (mostly) from their ordeals. It makes them stronger (usually) and gives them the tools they need to overcome whatever challenge happens to be in their way. They’re normally only slightly cracked and broken in the process, though I have progressed in a few cases to exploration of out-right insanity.

I said I was mean. I honestly can’t help it.

If you’re a reader, what’s the worse thing you’ve seen happen to a character? If you’re a writer, what’s the most awful thing you’ve done to your characters?

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  1. I was about to say I’m not as violent as you, K.B., ’til I remembered I tore a character limb from limb while he was still alive. Fun isn’t it?

    After reading KB’s post, one might think she’s a bit over the edge. Although her writing’s edgy, she’s not that far gone, and as Ana says, she’s “crazy, opinionated, intelligent, funny, geeky” and I have to add, lovable and sincere. Her only flaw, so far as I can tell is she never emails the photographs she promises to send. *private joke* Aside from that, she’s everything you’d ever want in a writer, or in a friend.

  2. One of my characters had his penis cut off by his jilted lover , but the worst would have to be a man who has chosen the priesthood for the rest of his days, having left the love of his life. He’s forever doomed to remember her one day of the year when he gives of himself physically to her… even though she killed herself many years earlier.


  3. Let’s see…

    I’ve tortured and killed best friends, lovers, and family members. I’ve had family members betray characters in spectacular ways. Blood, gore, broken bones, and bruises are all par for the course when I’m writing.

  4. I lean more toward emotional abuse of my characters, though there are some pretty gruesome and scary moments in my stories. And there was that time I let a troll whack my character across the back with a cat o’nine tails… of course, he did have his revenge moments later when he snapped the troll’s neck. 😀

    • Exactly! *nods*
      I can be a bit of a baby, but I figure if I don’t cry when characters have bad days then the reader isn’t going to either.


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