Stupid sewers. Stupid Moor-rats. Stupid mages.


After taking all of Friday off, my brain has been re-energized. I’ve written more than five thousand words this weekend and right now my NaNoWriMo word count stands at 11,077 and I still have words left in me today. I’m hoping to write at least another 1k words today.

This section of the book is going to be awesome! Alex, Vic, a horde of ghouls, no way out except for Alex to give in to her demon side. There’s fire, there’s blood, there’s the destruction of a beautiful car. *sigh* I love it when the writing flows like this.


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  1. Awesome NaNo word count! I haven’t written today 😦 But I’m not too far from 10k so I’m still pretty happy.

    Sounds like a good time for Alex! Can’t wait to read that scene 🙂

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