Manic Monday


Today truly is a manic Monday. Or, it was manic until I took the pretty little Ativan the oral surgeon prescribed. In just under an hour, I go to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree and decorated it. It’s beautiful 9′ tree we bought after Christmas last year. Our poor little 6′ tree just looked pitiful with the 10′ ceilings in our house. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy any extra ornaments, so the tree looks a little bare in places.We have some goofy ornaments like Garfield, cars, and other such ones, but I’m not a big fan of those. We don’t have kids, so the kid-like ornaments just don’t work for me.

Oh well, we’ll buy more ornaments after Christmas this year so that next year we have enough.

We also hung a few pictures in the living room, finally. I wanted to wait until we’d had a chance to tear down the old, cracking plaster and put up new drywall, but the way things are looking, it might be later next year that we get a chance to do that. Bah… I’m sick of living in a house devoid of decorations.

Okay, time to go get ready to be put to sleep for a few hours.


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