Changing Myself


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
Leo Tolstoy

My post the other day about possibly shutting down the blog initiated a massive worldview shift for me. It made me realize that I need to make some changes in my life. I’ve become a bit of a hermit lately, both by necessity and choice. I spend most of my days either in front of the computer, on the couch, or working on a house project. As I’m sure you all can see, that’s a lot of time spent inside the house.

Here’s a very embarrassing confession for you all — I don’t remember the last time I stepped outside my house to do something other than check the mail. It was some time last week… or possibly the week before. Sad, yes? That really needs to stop. I live in a beautiful neighborhood and the weather lately has been gorgeous for January, so why don’t I get outside and take a walk. The fresh air and exercise would do me a lot more good than sitting in front of the computer monitor refreshing Facebook for the millionth time.

I also haven’t been eating properly. I usually eat one maybe two meals a day and wonder why my brain is mush and I’m so tired. How lazy is it of me that I can’t take five minutes to make myself a couple of eggs for breakfast or throw together a tuna fish sandwich for lunch? Yet I spend so much time simply watching my Twitter feed scroll past. Am I really that afraid I might miss something important? On TWITTER? It would also help if we didn’t put off going grocery shopping until our cabinets are starting to go bare.

After talking with my husband, we’re going to start looking into things we can do together outside the house. Maybe even things that involve being around other people.

It’s a lot of work, I know. I hope I have what it takes to see it through to the end.

Wish me luck!


P.S. I also blogged about this today over at Black Ink, White Paper.


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