Remodel Woes


For those who don’t know, my husband and I bought a gorgeous Victorian house back in 2010 and have been busy remodeling it ever since. The one room we thought was going to need very little remodeling was the one I had chosen as my office. We had planned on simply updating the wiring, stripping the paint from the woodwork, and refinishing the floor.

Alas, the house gods have deemed that it not be that easy. Yesterday we started pulling off the baseboards in order to sand them down and the old horsehair plaster wall started to crumble away. Fuuuuck… This makes me sad for several reasons.

1) I really liked the wallpaper. It’s an orange, yellow, and brown plaid from the 60’s or 70’s that actually made the room feel very cheerful and cozy. I’m one of the only people who actually like it, but that’s okay since it’s going to be my office.

2) It means that my office isn’t going to be done before Spring like I’d hoped. Now, we have to wait until the weather starts warming up so we can tear down the walls.

The good news is this means my office will get some actual insulation along the outer walls so I won’t freeze in the winter. And maybe I’ll save a piece of the wallpaper and use it for artwork or something.



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