A Title Would Be Nice, Huh?


As pretty much everyone in America knows by now, the Patriots choked last night. Again. I am so disappointed with them right now. Even my Wes choked at the most inappropriate time. *sigh*

That said, congrats to the Giants. You definitely played better than the Pats and deserved that win.

In other news:

I’m teaching myself how to juggle. Many years ago, a group of friends and I organized and put on a local Renaissance Festival. My best friend bought my husband a How to Juggle kit hoping he would be able to learn in time to be our jester. That didn’t pan out and we ended up hiring a couple of actual Ren Faire jesters. The juggling kit was pretty much forgotten about until I pulled it out of a box a few months back. Then it just sat on a pile of paperwork for months. A couple weeks ago, I picked the box up and decided that I was going to put it to use. I started by following the instruction book, but it stressed the importance of mastering each step before moving on to the next. I don’t have the patience for that. So, after I got semi-proficient with juggling two balls, I added in the third. This was on Friday. I’m already fairly adept at juggling three balls. As long as I don’t start over-thinking things that is.

Tomorrow, my best friend and I are going to start learning sword fighting. Her mentor in Druidism is proficient in several different types of sword fighting, so we’re not quite sure which technique we want to start learning. She even knows sword DANCING! Decisions, decisions…

I’m so glad that, no matter which technique we choose, we’re going to start with the very basics because I spent a good portion of today scrubbing my kitchen floor and my arms are killing me. I am now a confirmed proponent of using white vinegar as a cleaner. My kitchen floor is the cleanest it’s been in decades. Not even several very liberal applications of bleach made it this clean. There are even spots where the original color is showing through the left-over grime. It’s going to take a couple more applications of vinegar to get the floor super clean, but I’m quite impressed by how clean it is now.


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