Tea and Sword Fighting


I got a box of books and tea in the mail the other day from my friend, Anna. One of the teas was a box of Numi flowering tea. These cool little dried blobs open up and “flower” as they steep.  It was a little sampler package with four different varieties of tea. I think the one I’m drinking now is the regular black tea. I’m not sure because the individual packages aren’t labeled. The box says the flowers can be steeped several times, I’m on the second steeping of this one and I’m very pleased with how smooth the tea is with this second steeping. It doesn’t need any sugar to get rid of that back of the throat constriction I get with most unsweetened black tea.

Tuesday night, my best friend and I headed up to her mentor’s house to begin our training in sword fighting. We decided to go with actual combat training which means the first thing we learn is footwork. And we won’t do anything except footwork until we’ve perfected it. Yes, I’m perfectly aware of the fact that I just mentioned the other day how I wasn’t going to take my time and perfect one step before moving on to the next in regards to juggling. Yep. The Universe does enjoy its jokes.

So, for fifteen minutes every day I have to practice my footwork. It doesn’t sound like much, but because of the stance, boy is it one hell of a leg workout. And I’ve been doing it while holding two-pound dumbbells in my hands which gives me the arm workout as well. It’s really driving home how completely out of shape I am.

I also need to give a shout-out to my friend October Weeks who just sold a short story to Musa Publishing! Congrats, October!!


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