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I’ve been dealing with computer issues this week (which I blog about tomorrow on Black Ink, White Paper) and I have several more 52 Books in 52 Weeks posts to do, and a links post in the works, but right now I want to talk about something that happened to one of my new favorite authors.

Seanan McGuire is the author of the October Daye novels and the upcoming Discount Armageddon. Discount Armageddon‘s official release date is March 6th, but Amazon decided to ship the physical book several weeks early for some unknown reason. In response, Barnes & Noble also started shipping the books early as well. What they are NOT doing is selling the e-books yet. Those won’t be delivered until the actual release date. And people, supposed fans of Seanan, have decided to heap a truckload of abuse on her head. She has been called greedy, selfish, ungrateful, but worst of all she has been called a bitch. A cunt. A whore.

Seriously? Why is it okay to not only verbally lambaste somebody for a business decision that was not theirs, but to also relegate them to a perceived negative sexual status.Why? Jim C. Hines and Marie Brennan have both chimed in on how inappropriate this is.

I really like Seanan both as an author and as a person. She’s smart, funny, articulate, passionate, and she writes hella good books. So, to show my support for her, here’s the deal: I’m going to buy two copies of Discount Armageddon when it officially goes on sale. One copy will be for me to slaver over and devour and the other will be sent out to one lucky commenter here. (I promise not to get the two of them confused because sending out a book covered in my drool would be gross.)

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  1. That’s really awful. I don’t know the author or her work, but I’ll be looking her up now.

    • She’s a great author and I highly recommend her. It took me two tries to get into her first book, Rosemary and Rue, but once I got past the first fifty pages or so, I flew through the book.

  2. You don’t need to enter me in the contest…I’ll buy the book when it’s officially out.

    I just wanted to add that when books ship early – especially from the two big suppliers – it can seriously muck up numbers in terms of any lists the author might have a chance to hit (i.e. USA Today or NYT). So this is insult heaped on injury. Argh.

    • *nods* Yep. First week sales are SO important for writers. It’s one reason why I went absolutely apeshit on several people who suggested (in response to SOPA/PIPA) that there be a media (music, movies, books) boycott during the month of March. If that had gotten off the ground, it would have hurt so many authors who have books debuting that month.

  3. This is absurd. She shouldn’t have to deal with this. I was going to leave a supportive comment over on her blog but it isn’t letting me ID so I can’t post.

    don’t worry about including me in the contest, I’ve got a reviewer copy headed my way.

    • It really does boggle my mind how, in *2012*, we STILL have to tell people that treating another human being in this manner is unacceptable.

      I am VERY jealous that you’re getting a reviewer copy, by the way.

      • Well I hope I’m getting the copy… I do reviews for a larger site and one of my co-reviewers might have gotten their name in first.

        The more I think about it the more I can’t believe the morons thought it was ok to treat her like this.

  4. Seriously, what is the problem with some people? Obviously, they don’t understand the process or who controls such choices. *tsk tsk*

    Please enter me in your contest! I’d love to read/review her work. I’m a lowly blogger, but I’d like to help any way I can.

  5. If said people who felt the need to verbally assault Ms. McGuire because of a lil’ time issue they chose not to investigate or understand and turned that energy into something that really warrants a little bitchin’ …Oh what a wonderful world it would be.

    BUT, the more people hate on you for meager ‘ish the more that signifies you’ve made it baby! Where would we be without the hateration.

  6. Even if this author had 100% control over this issue and personally made the decision to ship the books out before they were available electronically, that is no cause to sexually slander or threaten someone. A jerk? Maybe. A bad business person? Perhaps. An inconsiderate schmuck? Sure, why not. A bitch/ cunt/ whore, with threats of physical and sexual violence, etc? Nuh-uh. Grow the fuck up and wait two more weeks for your fecking book. FFS.

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  8. This definitely is not OK. I’m a huge fan of Seanan McGuire and have had the pleasure of e-mailing her and tweeting her on numerous occasions. She’s super friendly and very, very nice. Why would you be mad at an author if a company violates their agreement with the author/publishing company and pre-releases a book? I mean, that’s absurd! Amazon and as a reaction, Barnes and Noble, released her book to those who pre-ordered it online for NO REASON and they had no right to do that. Calling Seanan McGuire names because those companies did something that is wrong is crazy. I also wonder about people that would threaten violence or call someone names over the release of a book. I mean seriously. I LOVE reading, but it is just a BOOK! It’s not life or death people. You’ll get it eventually. It’s not that freaking serious and it’s not like your whole world has collapsed, your dog died, your family murdered, or anything like that because SOMEONE released a book early. it’s just sick. Seriously sick. People acting like that have no business being allowed outside the walls of an asylum or near a computer or pointy objects or any place that doesn’t only serve gelatine.

  9. It’s always disappointing when this happens. All that effort spent has now been wasted. I still love her work though!! Well worth the wait 🙂

  10. This is horrible, no one should be treated that way! I really like her books & she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. I don’t need to be included in the contest, I pre-ordered on my kindle & am fine with waiting!

  11. I’m also just posting to show my support for Seanan McGuire. I will gladly buy a book when it comes out! So far I’ve been a fan of all her work and WILL wait for when it comes out! I want her writing as much as she can because she does such a wonderful job.

    I will NEVER understand how you can like something from someone and then turn right around and bash them in such a manor. With fans like that who needs enemies?

  12. Abusing Seanan is not only impolite and completely unwarranted,in this situation it could be dangerous! That woman has machetes, and knows how to use them.

    Unfortunately this is one more bit of evidence for why I avoid buying *anything* from Amazon if I have any other way to get it.

  13. I completely agree with you. The things people are doing and saying about this are horrible. 😦 it made me sick to my stomach when I heard about it. Pick me to win or not. I’m buying the book on March sixth anyways to help out on the lost sales.

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