Back on the Horse Again.


I got sick a couple weeks ago, just a summer cold but it would not go away. It left me a hacking, sneezing, feverish mess for nearly two weeks. Before I got sick I’d been averaging about three thousand words a week which, for me, is amazing. But when I got sick I didn’t write a thing. Not a damned thing. Part of that was being sick, but it was also partly because of a bout of depression which hid within the layers of sickness. The depression was spurred on by some bad news on the publishing front which sent me into a tailspin of self-doubt and indecision that made me second guess everything about this path I’m on.

However! This past Friday I managed to climb out of that funk and wrote over 700 words on a possible new story. Then I woke up Sunday morning with an entire short story burning away in my skull. I immediately went downstairs and wrote it out in one fell swoop. It came out to be just under 1400 words and after a bit of polishing I sent it off to two CPs who squee’d over it. I gave it one last polish then sent if off to Cameron to get her opinion on it before I start subbing it to magazines. This is only the second short story I’ve ever written. The first was Selkie’s Song which I wrote for LiveJournal’s Help Haiti fundraiser. You can read that one here.

I am so excited by this short story and I love it to pieces. I can’t wait to get Cameron’s thoughts on it. *bounces*

Today I’ve already written 700 words on my current WIP and I’ve got ideas simmering for the new story.

In other news, I got the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter CD in the mail the other day and I am loving the unholy hell out of it. Seriously. The Unholy. Hell.


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