Tuesday Ten


1. It’s Thanksgiving Week and we’re having my in-laws over for dinner this year.

2. That means I’m going to be busy for the next couple of days cleaning and cooking.

3. After we eat dinner here, we get to head to my mom’s to have another meal with my family.

4. I feel full just thinking about all that food.

5. I will NOT be shopping on Friday or Thursday evening. I abhor the idea of Black Friday and people mauling each other in order to buy cheap “stuff”. It makes my stomach churn.

6. I’m looking for urban fantasy books which feature a female protagonist who doesn’t end up in a romantic relationship of some sort.

7. It’s proving a very unfruitful search.

8. I can find plenty of urban fantasy male protagonists who remain single throughout the entire series, though.

9. The gender disparity is particularly irksome to me, so I may just have to keep romance out of the Alex series on principle.

10. And, finally, if you have an extra three hours to spare, here’s a modern adaptation of Hamlet from PBS. It features both David Tennant and Patrick Stewart.



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    • *nods* I agree. If I want paranormal romance, I’ll buy a paranormal romance. I have nothing against romance in stories, I even *like* it at times. I just really hate that it seems to boil down to – female = romance and male = action.

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