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Clarion West 2013 and the 2013 Snow-pocalypse


I’ve decided to take the plunge and apply to the Clarion West Writers Workshop this year. This is a major thing for me for a number reasons.

The workshop is six weeks long in Seattle. Now, for those people who don’t know me in real life, I’m a classic introvert as well as being painfully shy and I get extremely anxious almost to the point of having full-blown panic attacks when confronting unfamiliar situations. I’d be by myself in a group of strangers who I would have to interact with on a daily basis. That thought more than anything scares the pants off me. Even around my best friends I’m reserved and self-conscious. The fact that I’m even applying is an amazing thing and it wasn’t  a sure thing that I was going to apply because just thinking about doing it made my heart race and hands shake. Still does, to be honest and I sent the application in already.

I’ve never been on my own and away from home for so long. I didn’t go to college (if I had it would have been a local college to save money) and I started dating my husband at the end of my senior year of high school, so there was no period of being footloose and fancy free for me. One of my biggest concerns is that I don’t have the mental/emotional preparedness to be away from my support system for so long.

It’s also expensive. The total cost for the workshop itself is $3600. That’s not including airfare which looks like it’s going to run about $500 unless I stumble onto a super awesome deal. Yes, the workshop costs are for six weeks worth of workshops, lodging, and partial board, but when you have a mortgage and car payment and all those other monthly bills, $4100+ (the entrance fee only covers partial board, so some meals will be paid for out of pocket) is a lot of money to be spending on a non-necessity. I can only hope and pray that I qualify for at least some scholarship monies because if I don’t, I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend even if I do get accepted.

I’m also kind of afraid that if I leave my husband home alone for six weeks I’m going to come back to find that the cats have forcefully subjugated him and taken over the house. I wish I were kidding on that, but I’m not. He’s far too much of a push-over when it comes to the cats and they have no respect for him as a leader at all.

Despite my fears, I applied. Now all I can do is sit and wait to hear back from them to find out if I made it in. Only 18 people get picked out of who knows how many hundreds of applications. I’m hoping my writing and my intro letter are enough to sway them to my side. *crosses fingers*

In other news:

On Friday we got hit with what The Weather Channel has dubbed Winter Storm Nemo. Yeah, I’m not sure why they’ve begun naming winter storms, but I think it’s stupid and I’m grateful that it’s just a Weather Channel affectation and not something the National Weather Service is doing.

Where I live we got about a foot and a half of snow dumped on us while other areas got up to three feet.

The view from my porch.

The view from my porch before we started shoveling.

The nearly six foot high wall of snow the plows left on the corner.

The nearly six foot high wall of snow the plows left on the corner.


After shoveling. (Photo taken from above, so the actual depth of the snow is deeper than it looks.)

After shoveling. (Photo taken from above, so the actual depth of the snow is deeper than it looks.)

All I can say is that I am so very grateful my husband bought the biggest, baddest snowblower the store offered because we saw too many of our neighbors having issues getting through the deep snow with their smaller ones. Even still, it took us nearly three hours to get the sidewalks and walkways cleared and then another two hours to get through the wall of snow that was blocking the corner.