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Weekend Wrap-up and a Snippet


My husband and I were supposed to spend this weekend working on house projects, but mostly we ended up doing a whole lot of lounging around. We did get the next room on our renovation list gutted. Well, mostly gutted. We’re keeping the wall that has the mural on it so we’ve ripped down the plaster on three walls and the closet. Today we clean out the plaster and lathes we tore down and then begin construction on a retaining wall around the back edge of the driveway.

This week we finally get the outlets in my office grounded so that I can get everything moved in there and my computer plugged in without having to worry. YAY! I’ll post pictures as soon as I’ve got everything settled in there.

We had friends over yesterday to watch some football. Boy was that a disappointing loss by the Patriots to the Jets. Oh well… our season is going better than expected considering the number of injured players we have.

The current project is flowing along nicely and my writing partners are certainly enjoying it. Have a little snippet from it and let me know what you think.

“You’re not exactly what I was expecting for a god.”

He eyed me for a long moment, his gaze piercing and knowing, and then he smiled. It was a slow lazy smile that spoke volumes yet said nothing.

“And what,” he asked, his voice low and purring, “were you expecting?”

He was suddenly standing right in front of me. He was so close I could feel his body heat radiating out from under his clothes. My mouth was suddenly dry with fear and I couldn’t force the words from my throat.

“A hulking Norse barbarian perhaps?”

Before he’d even stopped speaking his features had morphed into a hard, chiseled face with flowing reddish-blonde hair. His shoulders and chest bulked up, straining against the fabric of his shirt. There was something cruel and twisted about this face and I shrank even further away from him.

“Or perhaps a movie star?” His hair darkened and his face and body narrowed and softened and in less than a second I was staring at the comic-book movie version of Loki. Even his voice changed. Except for his eyes, those were the same striking green.

This time my mouth was dry for a completely different reason.

“You like this aspect of me, don’t you? I see it in your eyes.” He leaned in close and whispered the words in my ear.  “And it is one of my aspects. Enough of you humans believed in it with such passion that it has become a part of me. Would you like me to remain in this form; this tortured, jealous soul who would seek to rule you?”

He leaned in closer, his lips just a hair’s breadth from brushing my ear.

“Would you kneel for me?”

Research and the Folly of Google


I needed to do a bit of research for the newest project I’m working on so I headed to the trusty Google-mobile and typed in “loki mythology”. Down at the bottom of the page I noticed this: Loki Mythology


Now, I know he’s a trickster god and all, but I didn’t realize switching pantheons was one of his powers. He’s a Norse god, people. NORSE.

I’m Aliiiiive!


*blows dust off everything*

*sneezes uncontrollably*

It’s been a long time since I’ve ventured back here and for that I apologize. I became a bit of a hermit over the summer and didn’t do much socializing anywhere either online or in real life. But, hopefully, that hermitage is over now. It’s been quite an interesting few months.

My office is finally, FINALLY! at 99.9% completion. We’re just waiting on the electrician to stop over to ground the wall sockets so I can plug my computer in without worrying. We’re also waiting for my curtains to be completed.  Being this close to being able to move in there and not able to do so is killing me.

Since we’re basically done with my office, we started clearing out the next room to be renovated. The original plan for this next room was that it would be my husband’s office/man-cave, but after we cleared all of the stuff out of the room we found this:

Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Right side of wall mural

Right side of wall mural

Left side of wall mural

Left side of wall mural

It was hand-painted right onto the plaster wall and then, at some later date, covered with wallpaper. The only reason we found it before we started tearing the wall down was me seeing the tiniest bit of the fence peeking through a rip in the wallpaper. There’s no signature, but we’re going to talk to the local historical commission to see if they might know who painted it. Since my husband isn’t too interesting in having this in his office/man-cave and neither of us wants to tear it down or cover it back up, we’ve decided to turn this room into the library.

On the writing front I’ve been busy busy busy. I started writing a paranormal romance, but both my writing partners and my agent weren’t terribly keen on my execution of it so I decided to scrap the romance part and just focus on the male protagonist since he was the more interesting character. Unfortunately, as soon as I got rid of the romance and the female love interest, everything sort of fell apart. So that story is on the back burner for now as I try and tease a new plot out of it.

But all was not lost because as soon as I set that aside a brand new story began vomiting itself out of my head. I’m more than 10k words in and I’m still loving it, the characters are still talking to me (they won’t STOP talking to me), and I have a general path to the end (which I usually NEVER have).

I also wrote a piece of flash fiction that my writing partners LOVE, but the market doesn’t since it is apparently a cliched trope. Ah well… I will get it put up here in the short story section at some point.

In little tidbit news: I dyed my hair purple again (it needs to be re-dyed because it’s now faded to pink), I’ve begun to take concrete steps to treat my depression with therapy, I turned 33 yesterday, and I need to get my butt back into an exercise routine because I’ve gained 20 pounds in the last three years.

So, that’s been my life for the last few months. How are all of you?