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I’m Baaa-ack!


We finally got the new computer in and hooked up. The motherboard on the old computer fried, so we had the repair tech special order us a whole new computer which took more than two weeks to come in and then almost another whole week for him to get all of the information from the old computer properly transferred to the new one. The hard drive we’d been trying so hard to have installed into the old computer, he turned into a very sleek and snazzy external backup hard drive, so I just need to remember to periodically back everything up to it.

Kiernan, the repair tech, was able to transfer over all of my files and pictures without a problem. Well, without a problem except for the fact that it took him nearly 24 hours to get them transferred because the transfer kept failing on him. The only thing that didn’t get successfully copied over were my current bookmarks. The bookmarks that are there are very, very old ones. Which means that all of the great writing articles and interesting sites I’d bookmarked are gone. All gone!

So, if anyone has any awesome writing sites or interesting articles they would like to share to help me rebuild my Muse Food folder, please don’t hesitate to share. 😉

As I’d predicted before, I was just starting to get used to using the laptop (a Macbook) and now I have to re-acquaint myself with the desktop (Windows 7). To make things just that much more interesting, I’m upgrading to Windows7 from XP. There seems to be such a learning curve between them all. The biggest thing I’m going to have to relearn is that it’s ctrl not command for keyboard shortcuts.

The one thing I absolutely do NOT like is the pre-installed Word 2010. That was one of the first things I checked out and I am not impressed. I’m going to end up downgrading to my former Word program because Word 2010 is just a ridiculously over-worked piece of junk.

Over the next week or so I’ll be updating my 52 Books in 52 Weeks list. Since I have so many to put on there, I’ll do them in batches so I don’t inundate everyone with nothing but book posts.

The Blahs…


It’s been unseasonably warm here and, as much as I hate being cold, I love winter. I love snow (unless we get monster snowfalls like we did last year) and I love that first cold, crisp inhale that steals your breath away when you first walk out the door. You don’t get those when it’s 50+ degrees out. It was supposed to snow last night, but all we got was rainy slush that’s already gone.

I’m slowly working on filling all the holes and getting Book 2 up to First Draft stage. It’s slow going because I’m at that point where I want to be working on new stuff instead of old. I’m almost at the end of Chapter 5. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen after this chapter. I had one thing in mind, but it would work better further in. I may just stretch Alex’s day out a bit more and make this the end of her day.

I’m in need of a new computer monitor. The one I have now is the same one that came with the computer way back in 2004. I’m starting to get major headaches if I’m on it for too long. Which makes writing my own stuff and reading a friend’s ms a challenge.

There’s also the matter of getting this damned hard drive changed. I think I’m just going to bring it in to a computer repair place and have them figure out what’s wrong with the new hard drive because it’s getting ridiculous. I bought the new h/d two years ago and I still don’t have it in yet. I’m getting a bit miffed by that fact.

Okay, I’m done whining. Time to go throw laundry in the washer, do some dishes, and get some writing done.