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No Poo Update


The No Poo regimen is working really well for me. I started it two weeks ago and haven’t run into the dreaded overly oily stage. As I mentioned in my initial post, I think that may be because I don’t wash my hair very often. Usually only once a week unless it needs it. I did have to cheat a bit last week and use some conditioner to tame some of the tangles, but I’m pretty sure, considering the length and fineness of my hair that I may have to continue to occasionally use conditioner.

Most of my hair feels *almost* like it did while I was using shampoo; it’s not quite as soft as it was and it’s extremely staticky, but my ends are very sorry little buggers. Without the shampoo and conditioner to smooth them down, my split ends are going crazy. They’re also stiff enough to stand upright all on their own.

Aaaand… No Poo does not play well with hot oil treatments. At least not with coconut oil. I really should remember to read ALL of the article before just jumping in and doing it. I made up a very lovely hot oil with safflower, sesame, and coconut oils last night then proceeded to treat myself to a mini at-home spa. After an hour and a half of soaking in a hot tub with a good book and a glass of wine, I was ready to wash the oil out and luxuriate in my soft locks. Or not… Nothing I tried would get the oil out. Not the Dr. Bronner’s, not the conditioner, not the baking soda. Nada. I was finally forced to use regular shampoo to get it out.

So, if you’re going to go No Poo and you like homemade hot oil treatments, definitely research which oils work well with No Poo and which ones don’t.

Here’s a picture of me and my hair before the hot oil treatment last night.







And here’s me and my hair today.


No Poo For Me


No, not THAT kind of poo, but shampoo. As an occasional follower of the Crunchy Betty blog, I’ve been meaning to make my life more crunchy for some time. I’ve been trying to put healthier things INTO my body and now it’s time for me to start putting healthier things ON my body. If I’m going to attempt to be a healthy, balanced person that means I need to be healthy in all (or at least most) aspects of my life.

I’m also trying to reduce my ecological footprint and many of the chemicals we slather on our body are bad for the environment. If they’re bad for the environment, what makes us think they’re good for us?

After reading Betty’s post on going No Poo several months ago, I stuck it in the back of my brain as a “nice idea”. Well, it may be a nice idea, but ideas are meant to be implemented. The “breaking in” period sounds like a rough transition, but I’m hoping that because I only wash my hair once a week as it is, it won’t be as bad. That said, if my hair and scalp DO freak out it’s winter which means it’s hat weather. Also, I work from home. I don’t have to impress anybody with wonderful hair unless I want to.

Here’s a picture of me and my limp, split-end riddled hair right before my first No Poo cleaning. I’ll try to remember to post update pictures once a week for the next couple of weeks.