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Dear Future Fans,


I have already publicly declared my stance on negative reviews (hint: have at it, I won’t respond or even read them). Now it seems that I must address my stance on fans attacking negative reviewers. So, here goes – If anybody responds to a negative review I may receive by tracking down the negative reviewer’s private information such as real name, phone number, and/or address and subsequently harasses that reviewer, I will publicly denounce that person and their actions.
This victim blaming bullshit perpetrated by a “professional” best-selling author, her husband, and her fans does not fly with me. I do not condone bullying. AT ALL. Not by children and certainly not by supposed adults.The actions of Emily Giffin’s husband, the actions of her fans, and her response to both disgusts me to my very core.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion of me and my books whether that opinion is positive or negative.