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Lazy Weekend


This past weekend was a very lazy weekend. It was the first full weekend my husband has had off since September, so we slept in, I made breakfast brunch on Saturday, we lazed about the house, played video games, and returned some of the three years worth of bottles and cans we have filling up the dining room (don’t ask, we’ve just been REALLY lazy about it). I’m finally playing Dragon Age Origins. It’s a fun game, I love the different character interactions and the way those interactions change depending on your actions. I’m annoyed with the character Morrighan because it seems like nothing you do ever makes her happy. Although, I do love her jabs at Alistair. *grins*

I didn’t do a single bit of writing this weekend and only thought about it a little bit. I love weekends like this because now I’m re-energized and ready to jump right back in. I’ve never understood writers who write Every. Single. Day. and don’t burn themselves out. My brain occasionally needs a rest. I’m sure someone somewhere will say this means I’m not a “real writer”, but eh… *shrugs* We all run the race at our own pace and in our own way.

I have the first five chapters done and am now pondering chapter six. I think I shall throw another dead body into the mix. Then Alex and Sam get to have a date night. 😀

I Haz Teh Dumb…


I’m blogging about tea over on Black Ink, White Paper today. It seems like I’m in wonderful company over there because they all seem to love tea as much as I do! 😀

Today is day four of NanoWriMo and I’m struggling a bit today. I’ve been so undisciplined lately about actually sitting my butt in the chair and writing to a quota that my brain is rebelling. It doesn’t want to work. It doesn’t want to concentrate on getting words written. No lie, it would rather pay bills and balance the checkbook which is several weeks out of date than write today.

It doesn’t even want to write this blog post. It wants to go make another cup of tea and maybe bake some brownies. It keeps whispering that there’s laundry to be done and dishes to be washed. It’s reminding me of my desire to get the woodwork in my office stripped before Christmas. And I’ve just started playing DragonAge: Origins and it’s starting to really get fun…Or how about a nice bubble bath? That would really relax me and maybe help the words come. Right?

Ugh… started this blog post over three hours ago… I think I’m just going to call today a wash and hope I can make up the words throughout the rest of the month because I can’t brain today, I have the dumb.