Monthly Archives: May 2012

Amazon Training and The Writing


I’ve mentioned Amazon training here several times, but haven’t said much in a while. That’s because, and I’m going to be completely honest here, it was a bit boring. The moves we were learning were fairly easy and not all that challenging. Even the half-swording techniques we’ve been practicing weren’t as challenging as I would have liked. That all changed yesterday. The moves we learned yesterday aren’t on the surface particularly hard or challenging, but when you add in proper form and footwork and lack of wrist/arm strength boy do they leave you quite sore. I think I’m going to have to invest in a good wrist brace until I gain some more strength or I’m only going to aggravate the nerve damage already there.

I’ve been going through a rough patch with the writing mainly due to a mild bout of depression. But I’m getting back up on the writing horse and slowly but surely I’m making progress with the depression. Yesterday I was working on a chapter for the second Alex book which, even though it ultimately got cut and merged with another chapter, really put me deep into Alex’s deep, dark thoughts and it hit me on such a primal, emotional level. I was kind of out of it for a good portion of the afternoon. And, considering that we had Amazon training yesterday afternoon, that kind of sucked. Being in a dark, angry place that isn’t your own when you’re swinging around a sword isn’t exactly a good thing.

But it was good for the writing and that’s the most important part.

I’m Sick


I’m sick of hearing that in order to “make it” you must put out X number of books a year.

I’m sick of hearing that you’re not a “real” writer unless you devote X number of hours a day to writing or write X number of words a day.

I’m sick of hearing that in order to gain fans you must be a social media wunderkind.

I’m sick of hearing that you must do X or you must do Y in order to achieve the same type of acclaim as famous writer Q.

In short, I’m sick and tired of people proclaiming that there’s only one path to success in this business. Every writer is different. We are not interchangeable cogs in a machine. And I will not be treated like one. I’m going to make it in publishing and I’m going to do it the way I want to do it. And I hope the rest of you follow your own path to your own success.