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Wednesday’s Words


In honor of my preparing to venture into QueryLand once more, I’m going to post the query letter for Where Demons Fear to Tread which landed me my first agent.

            Violent Crimes Investigator Alexis Powers doesn’t have a prestigious title or a string of fancy letters after her name. What she does have are a gun, a set of ass-kicking skills, and a nasty demonic heritage few people care to mess around with.

That heritage is brought even closer to the surface after Death pays her a visit and kills off part of her humanity. Being that much closer to being a true demon is going to make her next case hell because Death wants her to find the stolen soul of a devout Catholic priest and he won’t take no for an answer.

To hide a soul from Death takes enormous power, and whoever is wielding that power will do anything to keep from being found. Alex must not only find the person or people responsible, but she must do it before her weakened human side gives in to her darker demonic impulses.

When her best lead turns up missing and a black market holy relic comes into play, Alex realizes she can’t do this on her own. She’s forced to accept the help of her agency rival –  a ten thousand year-old Japanese Dragon, and a Witch who specializes in breaking spells. Together they just might be able to solve this case before a demon-powered mage uses the priest’s holy soul to raise an army of truly immortal vampires.

            Where Demons Fear to Tread is my completed 90,000-word urban fantasy novel.

Thank you for your time and consideration.