Monthly Archives: January 2014

I Can Now Speak Like A Dragon


Well… sort of.

One of my best friends got me Dragon Naturally Speaking for Yule this year because she knows I’m starting to have issues with my wrists and I’d like to minimize the damage I do to them before it progresses to carpal tunnel. I installed the software and began using it today.

My initial review is that I like it, but it’s odd. When I’m typing, I don’t have to actively think about what I’m going to type as long as I have a rough idea of how the scene should play out. I simply let my fingers fly free and watch the scene unfold in words. With Dragon, because I’m not used to speaking so much, I have to stop and think over every single word I say to make sure it sounds right. I’m hoping this will fade over time and allow me to “write” in a smoother manner.

It’s also odd for me to talk so much and, as a result, I’ve been drinking more tea today to help ease the discomfort in my throat. As you might imagine, my bladder isn’t quite so happy with this arrangement. And it’s going to take my poor husband a bit of getting used to since even when I’m talking softly my voice carries through the house. It freaked him out a bit since I don’t normally talk to myself… when he’s home at least.

Ah well… learning a new skill for the New Year. I hope this trend continues. 🙂