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My Give A Damn’s Busted


I cannot speak

I cannot cry

The tears won’t come

My eyes are dry


I have no words

I see no light

My hope has dimmed

Tis black as night


My soul is numb

There is no zing

Encased in stone

I feel no thing


© 2017 Ana Ramsey


I wrote a thing


At last the weary light does fade
Giving way to silvery moonlit hues
Ink black shadows merge and spread
Darkening the earth and hearts of men

Howls echo through still night air
Setting wise ones to tremble in fear
For the Wild Hunt is on the prowl
Either flee and die or join the chase

Gaze long into the mirror of black
Find and embrace the monster within
With blood-stained claws and sharp-toothed grin
The terrors of the dark hold no sway over you

~Ana Ramsey

September 2015